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Cyberghost VPN is a security tool that you can download on your macOS computer to hide your IP address and get online privacy. The paid tool offers high speeds, multiple servers in several countries, dedicated P2P servers, and multi-device support. With the Cyberghost VPN trial, users can explore the app’s various features and its user-friendly interface. 

When it comes to security, Cyberghost VPN uses AES-256-bit encryption to keep the data of customers safe from prying eyes. The program includes a kill switch, blocks ads and trackers, and lets users bypass restrictions placed by governments and streaming sites. Cyberghost VPN alternatives like NordVPN, Hotspot Shield, and ExpressVPN also offer similar features and subscription options. 

What is Cyberghost VPN used for?

When connected to the internet over a public network, anyone on that network can see your IP address. In addition to this, your internet service provider can capture your data and sell it to companies looking for customer information. To avoid this from happening and protect your privacy online, you need a VPN connection

Short for a virtual private network, a VPN creates an encrypted tunnel via which all your internet traffic gets routed. When that happens, anyone lurking on the network is unable to see your IP address. Instead, they see the IP address of the VPN server, which makes it difficult for hackers and ISPs to track your location or keep tabs on your online activity.

While protecting your data is one of the benefits of using a VPN service, another benefit is that it lets users bypass region restrictions. That means that with the help of a VPN, you can spoof your actual location and access content that is restricted in your area. The same feature works on streaming sites, so you can watch content that isn’t available in your country. 

The Cyberghost VPN download for macOS offers all of the above features, along with a few more advanced functions. It lets you bypass restrictions, spoof location, block trackers and ads, and hide your IP address. Furthermore, the app features a kill switch that stops your internet the moment the VPN connection is lost. It also supports P2P file sharing and offers a wide server network for higher speeds and better protection. 

Is Cyberghost VPN easy to use?

When you opt for the free Cyberghost VPN trial, you’re able to explore the app’s many features present in its clean and minimalistic interface. While the design of the security software is good, it does take a while to load. However, once launched, the program works well and doesn’t lag or slow down. The app has a central button, which lets users instantly connect to a VPN without making changes to the security settings or changing the country. 

If users wish to select a server based on location, load time, and speed, they can do so via the dashboard. The only drawback is that all of these controls aren’t as prominent as they should be. Nevertheless, once you get access to them, you can update the settings and let the traffic pass through a server that you’ve selected. 

What are the features of Cyberghost VPN?

Cyberghost VPN has over 9,000 servers spread across 92 countries. It follows the OpenVPN protocol and uses one of the highest security standards - AES-256. To keep your data safe, the software offers a kill switch that blocks your connection as soon as the VPN connection is lost. It also lets users select from a range of servers so that they can find one that offers them the best speed. 

Furthermore, Cyberghost VPN download offers dedicated servers for P2P file sharing. That means users who often use torrent sites to download content can continue doing so without compromising their IP address. Since the program offers unlimited bandwidth, downloading movies and shows is quite effortless. 

When it comes to streaming platforms, Cyberghost VPN doesn’t disappoint. With its help, you can spoof your location and watch shows and movies available in another region. The security tool works on streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus. In addition to this, once subscribed, users can utilize Cyberghost VPN on up to 7 devices. All of these features aren’t limited to macOS, and are also available on Cyberghost VPN for Windows, Android, and iOS

Does Cyberghost VPN hide IP address?

Once you download CyberGhost VPN, you’re able to hide your IP address from your internet service provider, as well as from online trackers and prying eyes. The app also has a no-logs policy that ensures your browsing activity remains safe even if the server comes under the radar of authorities.

Unfortunately, the software does keep your email address, payment details, username, IP address, device information in an anonymous format. This may be an issue for users looking for complete privacy.

Is Cyberghost VPN safe to use?

Cyberghost VPN offers over 9000 servers spread across 92 countries. It also has no spy servers in Romania for users looking for an extremely secure VPN. In addition to this, the software uses AES-256 encryption, which offers high-end protection. The company also claims that it doesn’t collect any data and provides transparency reviews every three months. 

Is Cyberghost VPN free?

While Cyberghost VPN isn’t free, it does offer a free trial that can help you explore its many features. When it comes to premium plans, the software offers monthly and yearly based subscriptions, with the latter being less expensive than the former. The subscription not only gets you a free VPN but also 24-hour customer support and access to multiple guides. 

Should I download Cyberghost VPN?

As one of the best VPNs in the market, Cyberghost VPN offers various advanced features in a competitive subscription plan. The VPN provides a choice of 9,000 servers spread across 90+ countries, along with features like kill switch, P2P file sharing support, ad blocker, and region bypass option. It also doesn’t log any data and hides your IP address. The macOS security tool also has a simple interface that makes it easier for beginners to connect to the internet while using a VPN.

Regain privacy and anonymity on the Internet. Only with CyberGhost VPN!

There’s no such thing as privacy on the Internet. Website operators want to know all about your interests, Internet companies snoop deep into your most private concerns and even your governments won’t leave you alone, instructing their intelligences to find out as much as possible about you as a citizen, a parent, a woman, a man, about your business, your opinions and your habits. CyberGhost safeguards your privacy!

• Super easy: One click installation, one click anonymization

• Super protected: NSA proofed 256 bit AES encryption – bullet strong safety for your data in public hotspots (Internet cafés, airport & hotel WLANs, etc.)

• Super solid: 325 servers in 23 countries in Europe, America and Asia to choose from – stream your favorite media from everywhere

• Heartbleed free

• Clients available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android – use your CyberGhost everywhere

• Supports devices like desktop PC, iPad, iPhone, Smartphones, Tablet PCs, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Internet Connection Sharing, Tomato, DD-WRT, Raspberry, Chrome OS

• Supports native protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP protocols. So help yourself and configure your Linux, Mac, Windows, router or whatever hardware you want to use!

• Unique PrivacyControl Features: Anti fingerprinting (browser language, browser info, OS info) and Content Blocker (removes social plug-ins and blocks tracking)

Anonymous surfing (Free & Premium)

No forced disconnections (Premium), disconnection after 5 hours (Free, instant reconnection possible)

No traffic limits (Free & Premium)

No bandwidth limits (Free & Premium)

• Real flat rates

Speed loss due to encryption hardly noticeable (Premium)

High availability of servers (Premium)

No waiting times (Premium), 15 seconds delay before connections (Free)


  • Comes with a kill switch
  • Supports P2P file sharing
  • Has a no-logs policy
  • Lets users bypass restrictions


  • Saves IP address and login details

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